Thursday, March 19, 2009

orange buffalo calf suede

Originally uploaded by star*munki

my friend (fran) said she needs to get out more...
she's never seen an orange buffalo calf...=)
this guy has a few mistakes...but he was SO fun to make...
even if painful to my fingers.
a huge thanks to my dad in law for tossing a BUNCH
of the suede my way!!!
and i love that it's old...
(my husband swears he saw it around when he was a kid.)
the eye patches and teeth are leather swatches donated to me
by my friend todd (they were fabric swatches that he had
around for several years )
and the mouth is velvet...made from a pair of munki pants
that she outgrew a couple years back.
yay for repurposing things that might otherwise just go to waste.
and yay for having a few mistakes in this guy...
that way i can actually keep him...=)

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