Monday, December 12, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

i know it's been a long time...

but look!...yum!


i am hoping that 2012 will find things a little easier to manage...
and that i'll be filling up the etsy shop...
and writing in the blog more often...
and keeping in touch better.

cross your fingers for me...

xox. keri

Monday, November 14, 2011

happy monster monday!!!

pictures from my awesome friend, jovi...

some BuNnY MoNsTeRz are fond of the snow...
some are not...
sometimes it's just hard to tell...

hope y'all are doing well...
there's not been much sewing going on here...
not in the way of BuNnY MoNsTeRz anyhow.

thanks for hanging in there though.

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Monday, October 31, 2011

HaPPy HaLLoWeEn!!!

i know i sound like a broken record...
but i really do have the best friends.
this series of photos was taken by my dear (and VERY awesome) friend, todd.

i can't even put into words how elated i was to see these!!!
all of those BuNnY MoNsTeRz are his <3
he has supported me from the humble beginnings of the bunnyz & myself.

to todd...
you made me giggle and even tear up a bit.
thank you from the bottom of my BuNnY MoNsTeR makin' heart.

and to the rest of you...
i guess it's now obvious that i'm back from vacation...=]
still trying to unpack & resettle, but getting there.

have a happy & safe halloween!

xox. keri & the spooky, trick or treatin', candy eatin' BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mail order bride...

 his description on flickr reads as follows...

first-class meets white-trash.
Booger apparently went online and used my PayPal account
to order himself a wife from my good friend, Keri
meet Candy Sugarjugs...
the newest addition to my little Bunny Monsterz family.
she's a retired semi-pro stripper who wants to remind you
that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
her favorite saying is
"just because it's called a 'self-exam' doesn't mean you have to do it alone" =D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my apologies...

every single one of the halloween BuNnY MoNsTeRz i made
(zombies, mummies, & frankenbunnyz)
never made it to etsy.
i didn't even get a chance to post about them...
thanks to the people that snagged 'em before they were even finished. of saturday the 15th...this girl and (the now 9 year old) munki
will be on their way to california for a nice little visit with my grandmother.
she's one of the most awesome ladies on the face of the planet.
that's why my daughter is named after her...
and grandma's name is not munki...
we'll be driving i'm sure multitudes of pictures
will be shared during our trip and after our return.

the etsy shop is already closed until i get back.

hope y'all have been enjoying your october...wherever you are.

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

tomorrow... the first day of breast cancer awareness month...
and since i like to donate $ to susan g. komen for the cure...

for a limited time, i'll be doing made to order pink bunnyz
similar to these guys...


be sure to check the shop for a special made to order listing.

Monday, September 26, 2011

happy monster monday...

zombie ittybittyz

i was contemplating making some more of these itty bitty bunnyz.
i'm working on a few halloween style plush as well...
all of the plush will be limited edition...

have a wonderful beginning to a brand new week...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it's been forever...

zombie tonic

but i've been sewing up a storm and even sent off a custom order this morning!
i will try to start making regular blog posts again...
and there should be new bunnyz in the etsy shop very soon.

i've missed y'all.

xox. keri & the anxious BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Monday, July 25, 2011

happy monster monday!!!

Drinky friends
still completely preoccupied with little miss mabelle kitten...
but i can always get a good giggle out of a picture of nubs...
i hope you can too.

hang in there kiddos...
eventually i'll be back on my sewing machine.

xox. keri & the getting impatient BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Sunday, July 17, 2011

mabelle...aka why everything went wonky this last week...

so...most of you know we rescued this adorable kitten...
her life has been rough and she's only 11 weeks old.
to start...she (and her 2 littermates) were tied in a bag
& tossed from a moving vehicle onto the side of the road.
a wonderful woman rescued the mostly feral kittens...
had them spayed and neutered & all their first shots given.
on thursday july 7th we saw this tiny blue eyed ginger kitten...
fell in love, named her mabelle and that's that part of the story.

well...on saturday the rescue woman called me and asked how mabelle was doing.
she then starts crying and informs me that one of the other kittens died after being adopted.
she was trying to get in touch with the other owner to check on kitten #3.
kitten #2 died from panleukopenia

so, me being the protective animal mom decides to take her to the vet & get her tested.
(panleukopenia is incredibly hard to test for)
she tests negative and i take her home with new wet food and directions to keep an eye on her.
same day, i get another phone call from the rescue lady & kitten number #3 died too.
that kitten was fine and playing and eating and started throwing up and in 6 hours was dead.
this disease can hit and in less than 24 hours, kill a kitten.

the next day mabelle starts throwing up...
it's a sunday...crap.
off to the emergency vet...
mabelle is tested again and the doctor is thinking for sure she'll test positive (as am i)
but she tests negative again...
so she gets fluids shot into her...
gets an anti vomiting shot and an antibiotic shot...poor tiny little mabelle.
i take home tons of pill a day...2 doses of antibiotics a day and special food.

monday, mabelle just seems tired, no wonder after all she's been through...

tuesday, she's playing and running around with angus, eating normally...everything seems fine.
neither matt nor i want to jinx it...
so we just hope for the best and are appreciative of every good
day she has.

wednesday, same thing...eating & acting like a normal kitten...

thursday, again, same thing perfect kitten behavior.
at this point...we're starting to think we just might be ok.
thursday evening though...she doesn't seem interested in her food.

friday morning 4:30 am...gnarly kitten puking starts.
bless her little heart, she actually goes into the litterbox to throw up.
comes out and climbs back in bed and crashes.
30 minutes later...same thing.
15 minutes later...again...etc etc etc
i know the vet opens at 8 am i am just trying to hold out until then.
and thankfully, they got us in first thing...
the dr. decided not to even bother doing the panleuk test again...
he goes straight for the bloodwork.

a couple of hours's confirmed...mabelle has panleukopenia.

so...friday at about noon they hooked her up to an iv drip and treatment began.
basically a kitten has to be strong enough to fight this off...and chances usually aren't too good.
but as of this morning's phone call from the doctor...she is hanging in there, is bright and alert
she's just not eating yet.
now we wait for tomorrow morning and hope that she has decided to eat.
right now, things look pretty good, but even the doctor said, it can turn in a snap.
so please, if you've taken the time to read all of my babble...

please please please keep little mabelle in your good thoughts and prayers.
she'll be quite the miracle kitten if she makes it through this.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

i'm just gonna put this here...

i have a deep love for pop tart cat...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

happy monster monday...


<3 my new huck gee zombie dunny!

craziness in the household...
we've added a couple of new animals to our menagerie (kittens)
and there is a lot of madness that's gone along with it.
some good some bad and some wonderful.
i am going to try to be better about the blog. i miss it
and i miss you lovely people who care enough to read my nonsense.

hope you've all been well and continue to be...

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Friday, June 24, 2011


in anticipation of "the maker"

The Maker - Trailer from Zealous Creative on Vimeo.

i've rewatched zero and think you should too...
(or watch it for the first time if you've never seen it)

Zero from Zealous Creative on Vimeo.

regarding the maker...
i have been in love with amanda louise spayd's creations since i first laid eyes on them.
the creepy/cute factor always gets me...

Acorn and Licorice



have a lovely weekend...

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Monday, June 20, 2011

happy monster monday!!!


lookit the itty bitty BuNnY MoNsTeR for the wee kitten... angus, the newest member of our family...
yet another (adorable) distraction to keep me from my sewing...

if all goes well, the shop should reopen some time in august.
thanks so much for hanging in there with me.
you guys are the best.

xox. keri & the there's a new kitten! BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Monday, June 13, 2011

happy monster monday!!!


nothing like a little nubs to make your monday bright

xox. keri & the enjoying the weather BuNnY MoNsTeRz

p.s. for those of you asking...
i think july or august will be the earliest that the shop opens again.
but, as always, if you have something you NEED...shoot me an email
and i can most likely accommodate you...

ooh ooh ooh guess what else?
there are bunnies living in our back yard!
we've seen a few adults and several babies!!!


Monday, June 6, 2011

happy monster monday!


i LOVE seeing BuNnY MoNsTeRz pictured next to other monsters!
and this one is great!!!
the bunny on the left is one of the amazing nerderella bunnies...
(i have one of her bunnies that i LOVE!)
in the middle is colonel corn by anna chambers...
and the little plaid guy is one of my bit o' bunnyz...
(well, he's not mine anymore =])

hope y'all have a lovely week.

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz

p.s. i broke out the sewing machine to sew curtains this weekend...
so, BuNnY MoNsTeRz are definitely in the near future!

Monday, May 30, 2011

happy memorial day monster monday!

i've not really made anything new as far as BuNnY MoNsTeRz go...
but i did a plushie swap and since my swap partner has received
her package, i can now post this one by itself.
happily, her package was well received, which elates me!
i'm excited to receive my package this week!!!

hope y'all have a fabulous memorial day and whilst you're having fun...
please take a moment to remember why it is you're able to celebrate/have the day off/bbq etc.

xox. keri & the "it's dang hot today" BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Monday, May 23, 2011

happy monster monday!

still settling in and doing some home improvement stuff...
like painting and planting and totally still not sewing.
my hands are achy for some needles and thread...
thankfully they've been creative in their own way...
just not in the BuNnY MoNsTeRz sorta way.

i immensely appreciate the emails and messages that y'all have been sending.
i read every one of them and am trying to finish up my replies.

there are SO many new BuNnY MoNsTeRz running around in this head of mine...
& i think i am just about at the point of letting them out

have a lovely monday & a splendid week!

xox. keri & the almost there again BuNnY MoNsTeRZ

Friday, May 13, 2011

happy international monster's day!

it really is...

have a lovely weekend!!!

xox. keri & the celebrating BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Monday, May 2, 2011

happy may monster monday!

things are getting settled, but i have not even started sewing yet.
i miss my sewing machine so very much...
as soon as the studio/office space is all set up, i will be back at it.

in the meantime, i have been busying my hands with some gardening
and adding some new plants to our new yard...
& i was missing my bleeding hearts from maine...

a bleeding WHAT?

have a great monday wherever you are.
enjoy your week.

xox. keri & the almost settled BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

happy friday...

if i could have any fence in the would be this one.

taken by my lovely friend, todd

hope y'all have a fantastic easter weekend.

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

we're here...

it will still be awhile before i get back into any sort of a routine...
but you lovely readers will be among some of the first to know what's going on.
i miss my sewing machine and i know it misses me.

in the meantime...
have a look at ichabod and a peek at our new neighborhood...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

one last thing...

before the internet is gone...

happy birthday to my (non plush) bunny, yoshi.
she's 2 today.

back to what you were doing =]

i'll post again as soon as we have internet in the new house,
(which should be mid next week)

xox. keri

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


usually wednesday is wordless, but...

this is last little blog post before the internet is gone
and we pack the moving truck to move to lima. (ohio)

so...most everything is boxed...
i miss my toys and my sewing machine the most.
things are in complete disarray, the living room and kitchen
are both stacked with boxes and containers of all sorts.
kisu & ichabod (the cats) are climbing every mountain of boxes that they can...
olive & lucy (the pugs) are just acting confused, which very obviously tires them
out since they are sleeping more than usual. (usual = almost as much as the cats)
and yoshi (the bunny) seems indifferent about the whole thing.
so there you have it...
whatever it may be.

i am just excited to get into the new place and put our stuff in it.
thanks so much to all of you for your love & support and for hanging in there
while we make this move. you're the best!

and since i don't really have any new pictures to share...
here...enjoy this pic of phidget & peanut...

have a lovely week & weekend & we'll see you again soon...from lima.

xox. keri & the almost in lima BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Monday, April 4, 2011

happy monster monday!

these were the last 3 bunnyz i made in march.
the 2 on the left are headed to florida for the ConnieCaps fundraiser.
(providing chemo caps to cancer patients)
if you would like to donate something toward the cause,
let me know and i can put you in touch with the right lady...
and an awesome lady she is.

in other news...
our house is filling with boxes and i already miss my stuff that's packed.
i can't wait to get into the new house. unpacking is always much more fun.

we pick up the moving truck on friday and we'll be officially up in lima
as of saturday. i'm unsure of how quickly we'll get our internet back up...
but once we do, you can bet i'll post something here.

be well, lovebunnyz.

xox. keri & the headed to lima BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Monday, March 28, 2011

happy monster (moving) monday!

'ello 'ello!
just a little information on some BuNnY MoNsTeRz goings on...
we're moving (yes, again) still ohio, just a bit more north-ish
to the...       

yes, we're moving to lima (ly-muh not lee-muh)
and it's a good thing & we'll be in a cute house...which is even better.
so, posting, creating, tweeting, blogging, emailing, etc etc etc
may all be a bit spotty for a little while.
please hang in there as we make another transition and hopefully
get going full steam again once we settle in.

you people are amazing and i always receive the most amazing love & support
from you all...thank you so very much.

i'll definitely still be around...just packing and cleaning and such.

xox. keri & the traveling BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

happy monster monday!

Moustachio'ed micronubs

there is mucho awesomeness in those photos...
mushrooms, moustaches, bunnyz, & the fact that sally's dan took said photos.
yes, oh yes...awesomeness abounds!

in other (repetitive) news...
the neck of the BuNnY MoNsTeRz maker (aka me, myself & moi)
is still throwing tantrums and keeping the sewing machine away.
i don't like's terribly difficult & makes me feel somehow incomplete.
hand sewing everything is NOT an option...
especially with the orders i have backed up.
just know, that if i have committed to making, sending, donating or otherwise ensuring
that you'll soon have a BuNnY MoNsTeR in your possession...
you WILL have it.
beyond that...for now the etsy shop will remain bare.

hang in there faithful BuNnY MoNsTeRz friends...

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Éirinn go Brách & sláinte!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

happy monster monday...

phidget in the clouds

so...yesterday found us driving a bit north of where we are now living
to check out the area where we might be living in the next couple of months.
(mr. munki's job may be moving us)
along the way, phidget was pointing out shapes in the clouds.

happy monster monday to those of you that have stopped by.
have a lovely day and do something wonderful!

Monday, March 7, 2011

happy monster monday!

here's the story...
Here's the story...

of a lovely lady BuNnY
who was bringing up three very lovely girls MoNsTeRz
all of them had hair of gold recycled fabric, like their mother.
the youngest one in curls swirlz.
Here's the story of a man hare named Brady Matty
Who was living with three boys MoNsTeRz of his own.
They were four men BuNnY MoNsTeRz living all together
yet they were all alone
Till the one day when this lady met this fellow ( thanks to this lady )
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,
That this group must somehow form a family,
That's the way we all became the Brady BuNnY MoNsTeR Bunch.
Macro Mondays - "Favorite TV Shows" Theme


have i mentioned lately how awesome my friends are?
& have i mentioned how many friends i've made because of the BuNnY MoNsTeRz?
well the above photo is proof of both.
thank you, todd...for your creativity and all around awesomeness!!!

have a fabulous monday, lovebunnyz.

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz
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