Wednesday, April 6, 2011


usually wednesday is wordless, but...

this is last little blog post before the internet is gone
and we pack the moving truck to move to lima. (ohio)

so...most everything is boxed...
i miss my toys and my sewing machine the most.
things are in complete disarray, the living room and kitchen
are both stacked with boxes and containers of all sorts.
kisu & ichabod (the cats) are climbing every mountain of boxes that they can...
olive & lucy (the pugs) are just acting confused, which very obviously tires them
out since they are sleeping more than usual. (usual = almost as much as the cats)
and yoshi (the bunny) seems indifferent about the whole thing.
so there you have it...
whatever it may be.

i am just excited to get into the new place and put our stuff in it.
thanks so much to all of you for your love & support and for hanging in there
while we make this move. you're the best!

and since i don't really have any new pictures to share...
here...enjoy this pic of phidget & peanut...

have a lovely week & weekend & we'll see you again soon...from lima.

xox. keri & the almost in lima BuNnY MoNsTeRz


  1. I have to say it.... & please forgive me for having to say it...
    isn't Lima where Glee is set? haha

    Happy & smooth Move! xox

  2. yes, yes it is ;]

    thanks for the well wishes...=]



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