Monday, June 21, 2010

hello & happy monster monday!

look at this shot of spooky...
002 - Spooky is Afraid of Giant Mooses
thanks for sharing spooky's adventures, wendy!

on the homefront...
it's gettin' crazy, folks...
boxes and bins piled high, some higher than my head.
(and considering i am just a hair under 6 feet tall, that's high)
good news being that all of that is contained in one room!
we have lightened our load immensely.
goodwill, salvation army & the people that stopped by for our moving sale
are benefiting from the fact that we have no desire to cart all this stuff to ohio.
a call to restore (habitat for humanity) will also find us parting
with some larger pieces of furniture as well.
ah, this feels good.

and this time next week...we'll be in our moving truck and on the road.
hopefully with 3 1/2 or 4 hours already put in.
yes, one week from today is the day..
i can't guarantee another blog post this week, but i'll try...

have a lovely monday and do something nice for yourself...

xox. keri


  1. All the best of luck with the move, Keri!
    Give us a tweet when you get there ;D

  2. thanks, sally...
    and i will indeed be updating with tweets...=]
    thankfully i'll have my phone, even if i won't
    have my pretty computer.



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