Wednesday, July 8, 2009

happy windsday!

munki and i were just talking about
winnie the pooh and the blustery day...

and munki recalled how pooh referred to
a windy wednesday as "windsday" that is today...
of course it's rainy too...which i don't mind.
i think rain makes us appreciate the sunny days.


yesterday i had a wonderful phone call with the
oh so clever Hannah Hindi of The Hillywood Show!
i am going to start a line of Hillywood BuNnY MoNsTeRz
and share the profit with them.
(all the little details are still being worked out)
a couple of years back...
i stumbled across some youtube videos by Hilly & Hannah
...and have loved them ever since!
back in february i shared their twilight parody with you...
and you should also check out what they did with
the dark knight ...again, incredible!
they are not sponsored at all for the amazing stuff they create...
therefore Hannah and Hilly rely on their work salaries
and the occasional discount from people to do what they do.
and as it says on their website...
"two sisters, creating everything with just one camera!"
if you've never heard of them...hurry...go check them out!
these girls deserve to be famous and known worldwide.
and i truly believe they are well on their way...
they create, act, direct, film, edit, etc etc...
they do it all...seriously.
talent doesn't even begin to describe these girls.
and they have to be two of the sweetest (and most talented)
people i have ever dealt with.
thank you SO much Hannah & Hilly!!!
i look forward to working with you!!!!!


PrOjEcT HoLLyWoOd...BuNnY MoNsT★Rz
is still chugging's just taking a LOT of time
and will be ready when the time is right.
i'm still having so much fun with it!
i'll let you know as that continues to progress.

have a wonderful wednesday wherever you are...
do something kind...
for yourself and maybe even someone else!

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