Tuesday, July 14, 2009

kigurumi bunny!

i am going to make this a short one...
but i had to do tellafriend TuEsDaY...
i got an amazing package from japan last week.
sawako...(aka alleluja on etsy)
is a wonderfully talented and extremely sweet woman
who makes incredible one of a kind creations.
you can check out her shop...(click on alleluja above)
but also check out her flickr to see how she makes
i got a kigurumi bunny rabbit pendant/pincushion...
and it comes packaged so incredibly sweet and nice...

again...thank you, sawako...i adore this bunny!

and the rest of y'all...
have a happy TuEsDaY!


  1. Holy crap, what a coincydink! I just saw these today and my first thought was holy crap I need to buy one of these for Keri! It's a good thing I didn't do it yet! It was this exact item that I faved. Dammit, now this means I have to get one for myself!

  2. that is because you're AWESOME!!!
    and yes, you should...
    they are even more amazing in person!!!
    and i love that you thought of me...=)


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