Monday, October 5, 2009

happy MoNsTeR MoNdAy!!!

come with me
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well...our household has been sick for a week now...
it started with munki and made its way to me and is
finishing up its final leg on the hubby...
i finished up a custom today...
and am sending that off...

the rest of the week will find me sewing like a mad woman
to catch up on HaLLoWeEn orders.

speaking of HaLLoWeEn...

isn't the picture above AWESOME?
click on it
to see more of the amazing-ness that is the poppy tree...

and check out her sister's awesomeness over here...

both have flickr accounts that are beyond drool worthy
& as an even bigger bonus...
they both have etsy shops where you can simply
push a few buttons, pay a little tribute and then own
your own magnificent creations by them.
its quite obvious that talent runs in the family...

have a splendid monday & a superb week!!!


  1. hi Keri....sorry to hear you've all been ill, hope you're on the improve now. Keep an eye out for the post...there will be something arriving at your place in a week or two....I'll say no more...*grin* xxx

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
    SO excited!!!
    i love surprise packages in the mail!!!

    and we are all on the mend.
    thanks so much.



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