Wednesday, October 28, 2009

from a drug induced fog...

...i write this blog entry.

sorry for not updating this sooner...
but things have been a little crazy, to say the least.
i have managed to rupture a disc in my neck,
which, for the time being, has all but killed the use of my left arm...
which is definitely needed for making BuNnY MoNsTeRz.
so...there won't be any shop updates in the near future.

i have spoken to most of you that are near and dear...
and those of you that stalk me on twitter or facebook
or one of my other many random social networking sites
at least know a little bit of what is going on.

i am scheduled to see a neurologist in the next week or so, hopefully.
...and we'll go from there.

so, if you could just send some good vibes my way...
i'd appreciate it. i'd really like NOT to have surgery of any kind.
so i am pulling for something wonderful happening that just
heals things up.

i'll try to let you know if anything changes.
thanks for all of the notes and emails and pictures.
i appreciate every last one of them.

have a wonderful week!


1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness....Keri, I'm so sorry this has happened to you! I'm sending massive amounts of good and healing the meantime, stay your positive self and things will be fine.
    Take care my lovely friend xxoo


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