Tuesday, December 15, 2009

busy busy busy...

still trying to finish up gifts for people...
and again i will say it is SO good (kind of)
that i have no feeling in my left hand
(though i could do without all the neck and arm pain)
with the amount of times i've stabbed my fingers
in the last couple of weeks. they look horrid,
and i bet they'd hurt if i could feel them.
of course if i could feel them,
i probably wouldn't be stabbing them.
and another annoying left hand numbness thing
is that my left hand typos are horrific.

but...on the good side of things...
we got our tree this past weekend and it's all up
and decorated with SO many ornaments...
(is there such a thing as too many?)
it doesn't help that i made almost 20 new felt ornaments
for this year. and with the colored lights, our tree
just looks like something you might want to eat.


have a happy tuesday and enjoy your day...
smile smile smile...
i can't say it enough...
it always helps.


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