Monday, December 21, 2009

happy MoNsTeR MoNdAy!!!

though this is not really a monster...
well, unless you consider a jackalope a monster.
this is...
gomez elliot thistledown


and he's now hanging on our living room wall.
the plaque he's on has a little seat/shelf for him to sit on
and he has a ring sewn to the back of his head,
which attaches to a hook on the plaque
so he can be taken out for adventures...
because what kind of life is it for a jackalope
to just hang on a wall all day?
though he does like his christmas bulb, his cosmo,
his holly, and his fancy shmancy crocheted scarf.


gomez came to be, due in part to me mentioning
to my dear friends jovi and tammy while they were here
visiting, that i wanted a jackalope to hang on my wall.
but i didn't want a real taxidermy bunny with antlers,
i just wanted a plush bunny with antlers.
we had just seen a "real" jackalope head on the wall in a store...
and in this same store...tammy and jovi found this bunny
AND was simply meant to be.
they were only here for a short visit...
so, the job of "creating" the jackalope fell to matt and i.
my idea was to buy a open the back of the
bunny's head so we had something solid
to screw the antlers worked.
matt put some armature type wire in his arms so we could
pose them (and he could hold his alcoholic beverage)
and now we just have fun coming up with things for him
to wear and hold and such...and matt has even come up
with his next outfit...
oh just you wait...

so...welcome, gomez elliot thistledown, to the world...


this is an after post addition because the mail just arrived!
click on the pic for details!!!

sushi may & yeti

i ♥ some people on etsy so very very very much!!!
thank you, jessica!!!!!


  1. I love that you giggled the whole time we were in the store. I also loved that they sold antlers by the pound. I mean what the hell? That is kinda scary. We had to go through the whole box until we found the perfect antlers that worked with his head.

    Everytime we are in a toy department, we look for outfits

  2. well the next outfit is for new year's...=]
    and it's matt's idea....


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