Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i'll be shipping these two off tomorrow...
i grew rather fond of this zombie bride & groom
whilst they were coming to life in my studio.
but alas, they are a wedding gift for an october married couple...
and will be shipped out tomorrow.

now onto ninjas, pirates, and bunnyz in costumes...
along with the winter edition BuNnY MoNsTeRz
and a couple more custom orders...

sew, sew, sew busy...


  1. sooo good! i lvoe how the both have matching missing arms hehe.
    i want a zombie wedding! ;)

  2. Very nice! Ninja and Pirate bunnyz... Interesting! ;)

  3. sarah...thanks! i guess the couple had a zombie wedding cake and everything...=

    chuck...yes, interesting indeed ;] well, i've only ever made a pirate bunny magnet and a ninja bunny for a friend...but those were early on...so i need to make some prototypes and see what i can come up with =]


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