Monday, November 8, 2010

happy monster monday...

coming soon...

don't know how many of these guys i'll make...might just be this one.
but also in the works are ornaments and some other goodies.
i'll also be tossing a "lost in the shuffle" zombie into the shop at some point this week.


if you're reading this part, i'd like to ask a little favor of you...

a friend of mine from way back has cancer and i'd really appreciate it
if you could send some good thoughts, vibes, prayers (or whatever you can manage)
to him and his family.

thanks a bunch.


  1. aw i love the snowbunny! i can just imagine him running around in the snow causing mischief.

    my thoughts are with you friend <3

  2. sarah, you're the sweetest!
    thank you...



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