Monday, February 21, 2011

happy monster monday!


& happy president's day...

did some MAJOR reorganization of the office/studio & now feel inspired...
or at least like i need to sew like crazy & make it a mess again.
i finally finished up a few custom requests & now need to work on filling up the shop.

i'll be posting more pictures & more patterns & how tos as i try to get
the blog going once again in the direction it was meant to go...

thanks for hanging in there with me.

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz


  1. love this bunny dude! where is he from?
    I too have been in massive re-org mode. After being laid off & making the choice to craft for a living... it was high time to get the homestead/office in tip top shape. I am still working on some custom orders & the Etsy shop is next!

  2. hi, tammy!
    he's one of the rabbids
    from the rayman raving rabbids video game...
    this thorough cleaning of the office/studio space
    included cleaning up the final messes from the holidays!
    (i have no idea why it stuck around so long!)


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