Monday, February 28, 2011

happy monster monday!


what better way to celebrate monster monday
than with sally monster & her BuNnY MoNsTeR nubs?
yeah, there's nothing better.
miss sally made this for me as a get well card of sorts...
& don't those colors and that lovely face just bring a smile to your face?!
well, they did to mine and i guess that's all that really matters.

for those that have asked what's been going on and i have avoided answering...
it's my neck.
remember last year, the day before my birthday...that lovely surgery
i had on my neck? ruptured discs & then anterior cervical laminectomy,
which basically = c5, 6 & 7 being stuck together with a bone graft & a titanium plate & screws.
well, my neck is just sort of giving me fits and it has limited my sewing immensely.
don't get me wrong...what i have now is still 10x better than before surgery...
it's just acting up like a kid not getting it's way...
only thing is, i don't know what this kid wants and it's frustrating.
anyway...that's about as much of an update as i can give.
and now you all know about as much as i do.

sally took that lovely picture for me,
(which i have every intention of printing and framing) \o/
and mr. munki bought me a mini lalaloopsy & a new cactus!

so cute!
i love my mini pillow featherbed lala (she'll have a new name soon)
& the new cactus is bruce ( i like to think of him as a ninja cacti)

so...there you have it...
you are now mostly updated on the fascinating goings on in starmunki land.
have a lovely monday & do something wonderful!

xox. keri & the BuNnY MoNsTeRz

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  1. I hope you heal up soon. <3 Also, I think our cacti may be related. Haha.


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