Tuesday, June 16, 2009


yes, once again...it's tellafriend tuesday!

i always get excited about this...
mainly because i get to introduce you lovely readers
to artists/people/friends that i adore!

today i am featuring paula mcdonough
of the venerable bead

first of all...i must say that ALL of my interactions
with paula have been amazing! she really is another
kind and amazingly talented artist.
and her creations...wow!
if you want something that is one of a kind
and just beautiful...look no further.
i have purchased several things from paula...
for myself and as gifts for others.
i have purchased all key pendants...
but i like her implosion pendants as well...
and her key necklaces (with all sorts of goodies)
well, who am i kidding...i really like everything she makes.
she even makes keychains now!
and if you're a twilight fan...
check out her twilight themed jewelry, it's gorgeous too!
just take a stroll through her etsy shop.
she even has a link to some videos where you can see
how she creates the pieces she makes.

i personally own 3 key pendants by paula...
my favorite being this one...
it's my favorite because it's a mama key.
the difference in this one is that the bead slides all the way
up and down the key and it spins as well...
my other two just spin in the place they are set.
i love them too, don't get me wrong...but my fiddle fingers
are much more content with the mama key.
and every time i wear it out...someone comments on it.

go ahead...go get yourself a beautiful piece of wearable art!
you deserve it!


  1. wow keri you are so sweet I am *blushing* I was having a blue day with two sick kids and you just turned my frown upside down. thank you xo Paula

  2. you are most welcome!
    thank you for making such beautiful stuff!

    i'll send some get well soon vibes your way.


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