Tuesday, June 23, 2009


well, late (in the year) as it may be...
today is munki's last day of school and it's a 1/2 day...
so i have to get a lot of work crammed into a couple of hours.
i think i may have to skip tellafriend tuesday.
i'll make it up to y'all...somehow.

i am working on a small lot of bit o' bunnyz
and a handful of minis...
so those will keep me busy over the next few days.
i'll try to still post at least a short blip or more
to keep you up to date.

in the meantime...
you can always check my twitter or a number of other places
to see small snippets of what's going on in my crazy little head.
i update twitter daily from my blackberry now...
so...if you like randomness...twitter it is.

and now i'm just rambling...
hafta work.

have a great day!!!

1 comment:

  1. you should totally put munki to work sewing. Then you could say that you have your own private sweatshop. Hey what are her friends doing for the summer anyway? They need to earn their keep! love you!


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