Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hello there...

i'm going to skip tellafriend tuesday today...
i'm making some small changes to the blog
and trying to clean up the computer a bit.
not that you really need another place to find me...
or that i need another place to be found,
but i finally started using my tumblr last month
and you can find that here...

everything in between...

now, i really need to get some sewing done.
tomorrow will find me starting to pack more things
into boxes and bins.

one last thing...
Q: how awesome is sally?
A: sally is SO very awesome...
& i love her so very much.

have a wonderful tuesday...


  1. I'm a little bit mad at you right now. I've been trying to ignore/avoid Tumblr for months now because I know it'd take over and I'd end up completely hooked on it (I follow one or two Tumblr feeds on my google reader). Dammit, Keri, you're not helping any! >;P

  2. haha...i'm sorry.
    i had one quite some time ago
    and never used it...
    so i decided to throw all my pictures
    and likes and randomosity and such
    over on tumblr.
    it's so non committal...i love it =]


    p.s. don't stay mad...=]


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