Tuesday, May 5, 2009

feliz cinco de mayo!!!

and happy TuEsDaY!

i am going to keep doing tellafriend tuesday...
i know so many great artists of many different
talents and creations...today i am sharing
Nicole of mealy monster land!!!
"whimsical, creepy, strange, cute, weird, funny,
one of a kind art dolls..."
i LOVE Nicole's creations.
some time back we did a trade...
a FrAnKeNBuNnY ...
(picture belongs to/was taken by nicole...
please note the looks of terror on the kids...)
oh...the horror!!!

for my awesome ZeLdA!!!
zelda (with mask)zelda

i can't even tell you how much i love her...
(both ZeLdA & Nicole...)
check out her etsy shop
and make sure you tell your friends too...


and one other cool thing for today...
(extremely cool...to me, at least)
i got an email from the HSUS (Humane Society of the US)
and yay!!! BIG victory for the seals!!!
if you're interested...
you can read about it here


  1. awww, thanks Keri!! glad to know Zelda is still being a good monster for you!
    we love our Frankenbunny!!
    :) Nicole

  2. you are most welcome, Nicole!
    i still adore zelda to bits...
    she does need friends though
    & i have been looking at/watching
    a couple in your shop...soon i think, very soon...

    and i am so glad that FrAnKeNBuNnY is loved.


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