Tuesday, May 12, 2009

it's tuesday!

i failed on the posting of a picture yesterday...oops...
so here's one for today...
a bleeding WHAT?

i've been enjoying all my flowers and i have
enjoyed having dirt under my fingernails...

and i enjoyed the time away from the computer...
now i feel like it's a huge game of catch up.
thankfully, it doesn't seem as though i missed anything
too important.


today is tellafriend tuesday...
and today it's claire's turn...
absolutely small is the home of the chickenpants...
i fell in love with roger chickenpants
56/365 chickenpants
almost exactly one year ago (may 7th, 2008 according to etsy)
and got roger a lady friend (cecilia) not long after...
76/365 chickenpants love
cecilia was in a chickenpants movie too...yes, she's a star!
wait...what? you didn't know there were chickenpants movies?
well...check them out on youtube or blip.tv
cecilia is in #5 "the fast and the chickenpants"
who knew that the chickenpants would also intro me to
such an awesome person as claire!
she's incredibly talented to boot!!!
you can follow her pretty much all the same places as me...
and another odd but cool fact...we both own 2 pugs and a bunny.
(i have olive, lucy & fizbin...she has topanga, buster & finnegan...
she has a tortoise as well, i just don't have mine yet) =)
claire is also the admin for the needle
(which i am proud to be affiliated with...)

so...check out claire's etsy...and git yerself a chickenpants!
and if chickenpants just aren't your thing...(whattashame)
she has loads more to choose from.
take a look...


  1. Aw, thank you so much! ^-^ Your post just made my day.

  2. yay!
    well, we adore you, claire!!!



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